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Montenegro Award Winning Wines

Published : Sat, Nov 14, 2020

I bet when you think of Montenegro, you don’t think of award winning wines, and that when you get home and have a glass of red or white, that it won’t be from Montenegro? Well, maybe the next bottle you buy should be from this wonderful country, as some of our wines have recently won medals at the famous Decanter World Wine Awards, that were recently held in London. One of the largest festivals, it attracts wineries from all over the world and though previously Filip Vukićević from the Beri Winery, (whose White Wine ‘Malvazija’ gained a silver medal), has only really marketed his wines throughout Montenegro, this year was different due to the global crisis, with wine production far exceeding the market’s needs. Being positioned on the world wine map is of course a good thing, and it’s well deserved, especially considering the quality of the wine that is produced here, along with the very reasonable prices on offer. In total, there was one gold medal, eight silver medals and three bronze medals achieved, with "Plantaže", the wines of Grbalj winery "Castel Savina", and Podgorica's "Bogojevic" and "Vukicevic" varieties drawing significant attention. Filip Vukićević went on to add that ‘In just five years since its founding, the winery has proven its quality at all the most prestigious fairs, and we are incredibly proud of the quality of the wine of our family winery’. In addition to the wines that won awards, his winery is now also producing Chardonnay, Rose & Grape Brandy, all of which he hopes will also win awards one day too! Now that new markets have been found, it will be easier for the winery to survive over the next coming months, but of course like many other industries it’s been difficult with the Covid-19, however, things do look strong, and as long as they can continue to find new markets, it’s a positive outlook, and in terms of good news, there are rumours of an international assistance programme via the ministry of agriculture. So, it’s not just great property we can offer here in Montenegro, it’s fabulous wine too, which perfectly complements the amazing lifestyle that people experience here whether they have come just for a holiday, or have made it there permanent home. Either way, you too could be enjoying a glass of an award winning red or white in the near future, maybe as a celebration after purchasing your new dream home here and if that sounds like you, then let’s have a chat, and start the ball rolling! Credit to Slaviša Živaljević from Total Montenegro for the original article