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Montenegro – The Ten Most Beautiful Places to Visit

Published : Sat, Nov 14, 2020

We keep saying it, our clients keep saying it, and our visitors keep saying it - Montenegro is by far one of the most beautiful countries, not only in the Adriatic, but also in the World, and we are becoming more and more revalent in travel magazines and online articles. We'd like to take you back to a piece that was written by John Bills, for ( in 2018 where he listed the top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Montenegro, and without sounding biased, we have to agree with his conclusion that Montenegro is a seriously ravishing piece of real estates.

Let's see what their top ten were:

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The first recommended place to visit is Kotor, which is a fortified beauty & a seaside spot full of narrow streets and hidden corners, now one of the most popular locations in Montenegro, especially during the Summer.

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The second recommended place is the Ostrog Monastery, the most popular pilgrimage site in the country, and a stunning historic Monastery surrounded by natural mountain beauty.

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The third recommended place is Lake Skadar, the largest in the Region and a vast area of natural beauty and peace, home to a plethora of birds and wildlife.

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The fourth recommended place is the Njegos Mausoleum, located on one of the highest peaks in the Lovcen mountain range, home to Petar II Petrovic-Njegos, a Prince-Bishop of Montenegro, and a site which offers spectacular views.

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The fifth recommended place is Perast, which is on par on par with Kotor for beauty, but is truly idyllic and home to only 350 people throughout the year, fought over by many different empires throughout it’s history.

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The sixth recommended place to visit in Montenegro is the Black Lake, part of the protected Durmitor National Park offering fabulous mountain views, and home to even more amazing wildlife, fish & birds.

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The sventh recommended place is Sveti Stefan, the very famous Island only accessible by a private causeway, and a home away from home for some of the world’s most famous and elite, Bill Gates has been known to stay on the Island a few times.

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The eighth recommended place is Ulcinj, where you can see some of our Ottoman culture, from the days under the Ottoman rule. Flamingo's rule here now though, as do the old minarets, which dot the landscape.

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The ninth recommended place is the Tara River Canyon on the border between Montenegro & Bosnia, and is an astonishing piece of nature that plunges 1300m down to the river.

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Lastly, the tenth recommended place is Stari Bar, located at the foot of Mount Rumija, and another sensational town with it's stone buildings & medieval architecture. Of course, there's plenty of other things to do in Montenegro, and CMM Group would be more than happy to show you around, and give you lots more information, so whether it's your first time here, or you've been here before, do contact us, and let's have a chat! You can see the original article from John on their website here: monte...